Playlist - August.

Hey people,
I'm sorry for posting the playlist late AGAIN.
I've hadn't had time or the opportunity to scan it or post it though, because I've spent so little time at home recently.
School has begun today though, so hopefully I'll be able to post more often again soon (in the holidays I wasn't working on my computer that much).
Anyway, the august playlist is here, finally:


Playlist - July.

Aaah people, I'm so sorry for forgetting to post the july playlist! Somehow it just vanished under a pile of sheets on my desk and I totally forgot it exists....
But here it is!


Fruity morning muesli bowl.

I've made another recipe for you! It's really simple to prepare but very delicious and an especially awesome tip for people, who don't eat dairy but don't like to put soy yoghurt or pure soymilk into their muesli either.
So, here we go:

Fruity Morning Muesli Bowl

1 half of an apple
1 half of a banana
(or some other yummy fruits you have at home)
1 handful of frozen berries (I took blueberries and cherries)
5-7 spoons of creamy coconut milk
some orange juice
granola of your choice (you can also just mix some oat flakes with raisins and nuts)

How to prepare it
Mix the coconut milk with the orange juice in your bowl. Adjust the fruity taste of the milk by adding as much juice as you like.
Slice the apple and banana into small pieces and add them to the coconut milk.
Put the frozen berries together with a tiny bit of water into a cooking pot and onto the stove until the berries are warm and soft.
Add the berries to your bowl but leave the water in the pot.
Stir everything a little bit with a spoon before putting the granola on top, mix again and enjoy!


Grandma's Garden. (analogue photos)

Such a beautiful looking place, captured in photographs.