In the mountains.

Some photos from when we went on a school trip:


Falling asleep with you. (a song)

People! I recorded a self-written song on my phone and would be so happy, if someone listened to it. The record quality is very bad because as I said, I recorded it on my phone, but I think it's okay for now.

Although it's not perfect yet, I want to share it with you right now and would totally love it if you told me your opinion/thoughts about the song.
Also, this song actually sounds kind of different from the other songs I've already written.

Now I'm going to sleep! Dream nicely.


Playlist - August.

Hey people,
I'm sorry for posting the playlist late AGAIN.
I've hadn't had time or the opportunity to scan it or post it though, because I've spent so little time at home recently.
School has begun today though, so hopefully I'll be able to post more often again soon (in the holidays I wasn't working on my computer that much).
Anyway, the august playlist is here, finally: