Some impressions about our daytrip to Bratislava.
Currently I'm going through a very stressful phase - there's just so much (school-)work to do and my love for music is growing bigger and bigger.
Also, I long for more strolls through the cities with my camera but as I said - there's so little time.


In the mountains.

Some photos from when we went on a school trip:


Falling asleep with you. (a song)

People! I recorded a self-written song on my phone and would be so happy, if someone listened to it. The record quality is very bad because as I said, I recorded it on my phone, but I think it's okay for now.

Although it's not perfect yet, I want to share it with you right now and would totally love it if you told me your opinion/thoughts about the song.
Also, this song actually sounds kind of different from the other songs I've already written.

Now I'm going to sleep! Dream nicely.